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'A SEAT AT THE BOSSES TABLE AWAITS': Serum City Season 2 Started Today. Here's How You Can Play And Possibly Win A Piece Of A $100k Prize Pool:

Serum City is BAYC and Apes, Hounds, Cartel members and a piece of a $100,000 USD prize pool!

Mutant Monday was off to an insane start this morning after Novel Labs and Faraway Studios invited the Web3 world to reenter Serum City for the game’s second season!

“Season 2 is live,” the project tweeted this morning. “Cut your teeth in the mean streets of Serum City. A seat at the Bosses Table awaits. Learn the ins and outs of how Season 2 will function:…


Serum City Season 2 will build upon the Web3 world-builder game’s first season, where players stole, traded, crafted, and built their way up the ranks at the Mutant Cartel by any means necessary.

In Season 2, players will participate in all-new illicit game modes, like gambling at the Washroom for Cigs and Cartel Chips and player vs. player battles in the Clink with Franken Bombay. The game has also added a new ‘pawnbroker’ feature with Codeiaks, where players can craft and purchase rare and time-sensitive items.


“Each season will be better than the one before,” Novel Labs Founder Lior.Eth tweeted “Don’t fucking sleep on us.”


BAYC, MAYC, Mutant Hound,Mutant Cartel Oath, Meebits, HV-MTL, BAKC, Koda, AND 10KTF G Tag Holders are all invited to claim a Serum City pass and participate in season 2 for free here:

the top 99 Serum City players this season will win an piece of a 100,000 USD prize pool with the first place finisher getting $25,000 USD.

For more information on Serum City or to begin playing, check out the game’s website here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Serum City Season 2 and will let you know who wins a seat at the bosses table and $25,000 USD. Stay tuned for updates.

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