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ABSTRACT APES: The BAYC's BaronVonHustle Is Using AI To Reimagine Members PFPs!

The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Social and Community lead, BaronVonHustle, was mixing AI tools with a bit of whisky this evening and ended up creating some early BAYC vibes!

While many in the Web3 world focused on the conflict in the Middle East and the down only price action on Saturday, BaronVonHustle poured himself a little whisky, pulled up an AI app, and started making some awesome art for his online frens!

“Post your @BoredApeYC PFP below and I’ll make some art with it,” Baron tweeted along with a metallic pink edit of his primate.

“I was taking the night off work and wanted to play with an ai app I use while I’m having some whiskey and getting ready to go out and get dinner with my girlfriend,” Baron told the Gazette. “I thought this would be fun.”

Baron’s post resonated with a bunch of Apes who quickly flooded his comment section in hopes of having him transforming their PFP into an abstract ape!


Check out some of his work below:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Baron's AI artwork and keep you posted on all the ape art being made around the swamp. Stay tuned for updates!

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