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Adidas Is Holding An Election For Its Newly Formed Three Stripes Council. Here's How To Apply:

Indigo Herz and the Adidas team are looking for 15 into the Metaverse holders to join the company’s Three Stripes Council and help lead the brand into the future!

On Friday, Adidas’ Bored Ape, Indigo Herz, took to Twitter and informed the Web3 Space that Adidas was creating the /// Council (Three Stripes Council) and that voting for the committee begins next month.

“This elected council will contribute to adidas’ efforts in web3 together with the /// studio by doing the following: Be involved in a bi-monthly meeting with /// studio with a chance to input, and feedback,” Herz wrote. “Receive a Non-Transferable Token /// council badge of honor. Receive an exclusive Discord role with access to an exclusive channel with /// studio Ability to pitch ideas to the /// studio Once a year, the opportunity to meet the team in an adidas location, or at an adidas sponsored event.”

Apes and non-Apes who are interested in applying for a position on Adidas’ council can do so here:

Users can nominate themselves between now and February 6th, 2023.

Holders that would like to run for a spot on the council will need to share their Discord name, write an introduction statement about themselves, explain why they should be on the council, and share their vision for Adidas going forward, according to the application process.

Following the application window closing on the 6th, the window to vote for the /// Council will open on February 7th, according to Adidas. ITM holders will have one week to cast their votes.

“The more tokens you hold, the more votes you will be eligible to make,” Herz tweeted. “Don’t take this lightly, we don’t. It is the first, official feedback council inside of adidas. We trust you, and we know that we’re better together.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Adidas’ /// council election and will let you know who the community picks for the roles. Stay tuned for updates!

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