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After Sendings Millions Worth Of Offers, This Group Just Purchased The 7th Rarest Ape For 550 ETH

Jake Udell and Metalinklabs have purchased their first bored ape for 550 Eth after sending millions of dollars’ worth of offers yesterday.

“@metalinklabs is proud to join the BAYC family with the 7th rarest ape,” Udell tweeted Friday afternoon. “Thank you @ARTMAN141 for accepting our 550 ETH offer. Say hello to our handsome friend, #8135 what should we name him? Tell us.”

Udell also teased a “bigger announcement” for the Bored Ape Yacht Club coming soon.

Udell and Metalinklabs caught the attention of the BAYC yesterday as they made several million dollar offers on rare and gold fur apes.

After 11 offers were sent out, the Ape Udell and Metalinklabs purchased was Bored Ape #8135. Bored Ape #8135 is a seven trait black fur ape with hip-hop clothing a trippy captains hat and a bored unshaven Dagger mouth. Based on these traits, #8135 is the seventh rarest bored ape, according to Rarity Tools. Since purchasing Bored Ape #8135, Udell and the team have name the primate "Mick Dagger" and have created a new Twitter for him @mrdaggersalot

"Will the 7th rarest ape of the BAYC that we just bought be worth more than Berkshire Hathaway in a few years? No, probably not," Udell told the Bored Ape Gazette after the purchase. "But that sentence was fun to type."

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Udell and Metlinklabs and let you know more about their “bigger announcement” and any future Bored Ape purchases they make.

Be sure to follow Udell and Metalinklabs on Twitter @jakeudell and @metalinklabs

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