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After The DAO Voted For A Steering Committee In July, The DAO Is Now Voting On How To Set It Up

After the ApeCoin community voted for the creation of a steering committee to delve into the DAO’s marketing opportunities and present a report to holders in July, the ApeCoin DAO is now voting on whether it wants this committee to be made up of paid members or volunteers and whether this committee should be run by $Apes or by those outside the ecosystem.


Ape Improvement Proposal 315 titled ‘Formation of the Steering Committee and Publish Language and Market Focus Strategy for 2024-2025’ is an ecosystem fund allocation proposal written by ApeCoin DAO Contributor MisterHype.


“This proposal aims to establish and operate an expert steering committee within ApeCoin DAO to lead the process of formulating a language and market focus strategy for 2024-2025,” he wrote. “The steering committee will play a crucial role in prioritizing specific markets, optimizing resources, and incentivizing proposals that align with the chosen selected markets.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported the DAO approved of the idea of a steering committee that will be tasked with determining what languages and markets the ApeCoin DAO should focus its marketing efforts on in the future. This committee will also be tasked with submitting a full report to the community in early 2024.


In AIP-315, MisterHype laid out five different Steering Committee structures that the DAO can evaluate ranging from a Foundation Committee made up of two Ape Foundation members, two Special Council members, and AIP 315’s author, MisterHype to a committee that’s ran by an external consulting company.


Take a look at the five options beow:


OPTION A1 - Community Committee: 22,000.00 USD

Chairman ($4,000.00 USD)

6 Members ($18,000.00 USD/ $3,000.00 USD each)



OPTION A2 - Foundation Committee: 0 USD

2 Members from Ape Foundation would be able to opt-in

2 Members from Special Council would be able to opt-in

1 Member, AIP-259 Author


Option B1 - L+R (Levin+Riegner): $54,000.00 USD


Option B2 - Web3 Studios: $12,000.00 USD


Option B3 - BDC Consulting: $60,000.00 USD



After the DAO selects which type of steering committee it would like to look into the its marketing plans, MisterHype expects the group to publish its initial findings by the end of Q1 2024, according to AIP-315.


The window to vote on AIP-315 is currently open and ApeCoin DAO Contributors have until next Wednesday, December 20th, to cast their coins.



The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about this proposal and how this steering committee will relate to the DAO’s newly created Marketing and Communications Working Group. Stay tuned for updates!

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