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AIRDROP ANNIVERSARY: On This Day 6 Years Ago, Larva Labs Airdropped Updated CryptoPunks

Earlier this month, CryptoPunks celebrated the sixth anniversary of the project's mint, and today, the Punks are partying again to celebrate another major moment in their history!

On June 9th, 2017, the CryptoPunk projects smart contract was published and everyone in the world had the chance to claim a punk.

Following the mint, which was not quick by today's standards, Larva Labs discovered an error in the code. Two weeks later, on June 23rd, 2017, they airdropped their holders an updated version of CryptoPunks. That airdrop is what the CryptoPunks community remembers today.

To celebrate this historic day, Yuga Labs announced that they will be releasing a book this fall to commemorate the Punks storied history.

"The first book dedicated to archiving CryptoPunks is coming Fall 2023 published in partnership with @zakgroup,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its CryptoPunks Twitter account today. “The book unveils untold stories of the collection by tapping the passionate community to contribute to the written record of Punks.

Along with a new book, Yuga Labs also shared a 30-second video of another Larva Labs project, the Meebits, meebin around a museum as they appreciated the CryptoPunk collection!

The Bored Ape Gazette wishes every CryptoPunk holder a happy six-year airdrop anniversary! Here's to many more!

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