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AIRPORT DEAL: The Story Behind This Gold Fur Ape Finding His Gold Fur Dog

A Bored Ape Yacht Club member sold a gold Bored Ape Kennel Club dog pre-reveal and soon found himself trying to buy another golden pup while at the airport.

BAYC member Franklin, known as the people’s punk on twitter, was at the airport during the BAKC reveal and got some terrible news. One of the dogs he sold was a gold fur pup.

“I was in between flights and couldn’t log onto WiFi when the ape reveal happened (we hadn’t landed yet),” Franklin said. “Then I checked my pre-reveal sales and noticed that I sold an eventual gold dog and was devastated knowing that a gold would be out of my reach.”

Selling a soon to be gold dog pre-reveal would be tough on any BAYC member, but it was even worse for Franklin.

Weeks earlier, Franklin purchased a golden fur ape and has since made it his Twitter profile photo.

But Franklin didn’t let this disappointment set him back. Instead he rolled with the punches and began looking at gold fur BAKC dogs in between his flights. That’s when he found BAKC dog #7965 listed for 12 ETH.

Once he had found another gold fur dog, Franklin quickly sprang into action to get enough ETH to buy it. Franklin even sold one of his Crypto Punks at a loss.

“I was flying alone to visit family for the weekend,” Franklin said. “I Purposely booked two flights to get more airline rewards/status programs instead of a direct flight. So yeah a lot had to come together in terms of timing, and it was a lot of ETH (I also dumped the CryptoPunk for 1.6 ETH less than I bought it for), but that was the gold fur I wanted.”

Franklin’s keen understanding of credit card points was a blessing that day. Because of the layover, he was able to find a golden fur dog for his ape, sell enough NFTS to free up capital and complete the deal, all before getting on his next flight.


Franklin told the gazette that he has no plan to sell his gold fur dog or ape anytime soon, unless someone is willing to pay him 109 WETH.

“Nope, no plans to sell. I believe I still have an overall BAYC profit (of course the market could tank after this interview) if I sell everything except for my gold fur ape and gold fur dog, so that’s nice to realize. I definitely was not selling, until I saw a 109 WETH sale of a gold fur ape. If someone wants to pay me that, then DM me.”

Be sure to follow Franklin on Twitter at ElectionDayMad1

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