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An Anonymous CryptoPunk Collector Bought A Hoodie Punk For $441,000 USD!

An anonymous CryptoPunk collector is feeling comfy after they added a hoodie punk to their impressive collection on a chilly afternoon in the Yugaverse!


On Saturday, Wallet 0x09c7dE0F03860CD511cfe9688d8905099F490DdE purchased CryptoPunk #7144 from BAYC member and NFT enjoyer, OneAndOnlyPapii, for 179.69 Eth or $441,650 USD.


CryptoPunk #7144 is a two-trait male punk with a vape and a hoodie.


CryptoPunk #7144 is just the latest punk that Wallet 0x09c7d has purchased in the last two months, according to Opensea data.


Since November, Wallet 0x09c7d has bought eight CryptoPunks for 637.839 Eth or $1,573,900 USD. Take a look at their Punks below:



As Wallet 0x09c7d welcomes their new hoodie punk to their collection, OneAndOnlyPapii took to Twitter and said that he’s in the market for another Punk and some Bitcoin.


“Time to hunt down a new or one of my old Punks,” he tweeted. “Lost in ETH but made $15k USD. Was time to move on since I can’t PFP it and never LOVED the vape I just had fun with it. Maybe a zombie, another hoodie In my future Def will add a new punk or two asap and save rest of the POWDER for the right BTC buy.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow. Wallet 0x09c7d and OneAndOnlyPapii and will let you know what they do next. Stay tuned for updates!

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