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$APE FEST GRANT WINNERS: ThankApe Announced The Winners Of Its Nine Hong Kong Event Grants!

The ApeCoin DAO and ThankApe announced the nine winning Hong Kong-based $Ape Fest initiatives, that will receive DAO funding for their community-led $Ape Fest events next month!

As Yuga Labs prepares to host its third annual ApeFest in Hong Kong next month, ThankApe, a project sponsored by the ApeCoin DAO, is preparing to fund 12 community led events (9 in Hong Kong and 3 around the world) that will put the $Ape in Fest!

Check out the nine winning Hong Kong based ideas below:

1. 11/01: Hong Kong After Dark Event

2. 11/02: The Chinese Ape Pub Welcome Party

3. 11/03: BAYCKADA meetup

4. 11/03: Bored Run Club:

5. 11/04: Bored Ape Skate Club at Morrison Hill Skatepark

6. 11/04: PMQ Stairs HK Meetup

7. 11/05 ApeFest Day three Fruise Ship event

8. 11/06 Gutter Swamp Happy Hour

9. 11/06: Cool Cats At ApeFest Dinner

ThankApe did not announce the three events that the DAO will be funding outside of Hong Kong during today’s space.

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about these three global events and is will bring you a full breakdown of the nine DAO funded events happening in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for updates!

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