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ApeCoin DAO Contributors Can Earn 25 $Ape For Creating ApeCoin X Alpine In ThankApe's Latest Art Activation!

ThankApe’s Season Six is off to the races as the ApeCoin DAO-funded initiative looks to distribute 25 $Ape to every contributor who creates an original work of art celebrating the DAO’s new Formula 1 partnership!

A week after the ApeCoin DAO announced its multiyear partnership with the Formula 1 Racing Team Alpine, ThankApe announced that it will be giving away a ton of $Ape to ApeCoin DAO contributors who create some fast and furious $Ape X F1 content!

“Earn 25 APE just by completing this contribution,” ThankApe tweeted earlier this week."Create visual content depicting ApeCoin and Formula1" Criteria: Create an awesome piece of art the @apecoin community can use to celebrate the partnership with Formula1! Make sure to post your pic on X/Twitter, tag  @thankape and submit the link to your X post by clicking "Verify Contribution". Submissions must be original content”



Take a look at some of your fellow $Ape frens creations below:



As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the ApeCoin DAO voted in favor of ThankApe's second Ape Improvement Proposal earlier this year, awarding the project with 3.36 million $Ape to distribute to the community over the next year!

$Ape holders who are interested in taking part in any of ThankApe’s activation during the program’s sixth season can sign up on ThankApe’s website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ThankApe and will keep you posted on all the ways you can contribute at the ApeCoin DAO! Stay tuned for updates!

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