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ApeCoin DAO Contributors Can Ring In The Lunar New Year With These $Ape Themed Red Envelopes!

$Apes can celebrate the Year of the Dragon with ApeCoin-themed Red Envelopes, thanks to the DAO’s new Marketing and Communications team!


Lunar New Year in the Yugaverse this year will be anything but boring as $Apes gift their friends and family ApeCoin-themed Red Envelopes, symbolizing good wishes and luck for the new year ahead. This is courtesy of MarComms Working Group Steward Popil, who designed printable ApeCoin envelope cutouts for the DAO to enjoy!

“From the moment I started as MarComms, my mission has been to bring ApeCoin's culture to the global stage,” she told the Gazette “However, as an Asian Ape, I felt we could be even more audacious! More fun! Even while living in the United States, the rich tapestry of traditional culture continues to color the experiences of Asian users and communities. During the Lunar New Year, I wanted to show everyone the playful side of ApeCoin DAO.”

Thanks to Popil, everyone in the Yugaverse and beyond can print out her Red Envelope cutouts below and celebrate Lunar New Year with the $Apes!

“I designed the $Ape red envelopes with a festive red background, envisioning a shower of ApeCoin red envelopes raining down, which was a delightful idea,” she said. “I hope to seize this joyous Lunar New Year moment to bring the best wishes and blessings from all the WG members to every member of the ApeCoin community. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all the Lunar New Year festivities taking place around the swamp. Stay tuned for updates!

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