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$ApeCoin DAO May Be Making An Official Discord To Encourage More Discussions Regarding The DAO

During last night’s ApeCoin DAO Twitter Space Town Hall, Bored Ape Yacht Club member Captain Trippy proposed that the DAO make conversations more acciesible to the average $Ape holder.

Currently, many of the ApeCoin DAO discussions are taking place on Discourse. This is a messaging site that is connected to the ApeCoin DAO. While this messaging board is open to all $Ape holders, many DAO members are are left out of important conversations because they aren't on Discourse.

“I think we're all dealing with just an overwhelming amount of inboxes in so many um different places," Captain Trippy told the Board. “And I think for discourse, I think it's another one. It's new one for some, and it's just not a place that you naturally are. So you have to think about going there. There's some really cool things that are happening in discourse. But is it worth a discussion about the Ape DAO having an official discord? I think that there can be some more fluid discussion happening in other places Besides discourse. And then going to discourse as it becomes more official and do those type of things. “

Captain Trippy went on to explain that an official $ApeCoin Dao Discord could be the perfect place for holders to come together and discuss ideas in an easy and familiar way.

ApeCoin Board Member Maaria Bajwa agreed with Captain Trippy on the idea of an $ApeCoin DAO Discord. “That makes sense because it feels like Discourse isn't the right forum to have more synchronous conversations," she said. “Discord is probably better for more fluid, more synchronous back and forth. So I like that idea a lot.”

Following Captain Trippy’s idea of a community Discord, Cartan Group’s representative, Brandon Caruana chimed in and said that he believes a Discord group could spur a lot of creativity.

“It's got a great mobile app. It's got a great desktop app. So I think it definitely would improve the level of conversation. And then once an idea has been sufficiently explored and many people have talked about it, then someone can take the next step and put it into discourse for an official, ‘hey, this is where we're going to this is it. This is our idea. Final commenting, final comments.’”

At the time of this article’s publication, the ApeCoin DAO has not made an official Discord yet. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to monitor this and will let you know when the Discord is made and how you can join!

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