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ApeCoin DAO Will Be Going Over All things $Ape Office During Its Election 2023 Space Tomorrow

ApeCoin DAO Special Council members Waabam and Captain Trippy are hosting an Election 2023 Twitter space tomorrow at 2 P.M. EST to discuss all things $Ape, as the community prepares to vote on eight open positions during the DAO's upcoming December election.

The ApeCoin DAO's third election season is about to begin as the window for ApeCoin DAO contributors to nominate themselves for one of the eight $Ape office positions during this winter's election opens on November 1st.

As the community gets ready to elect three new Special Council members, a Governance Steward, two metaverse Stewards, and fill two Marketing& Comms seats, Special Council Members Waabam and Captain Trippy will host a Twitter space tomorrow afternoon where they will go over the positions and dive into the DAO.

"Election season kicks off on Nov 1,” the DAO tweeted yesterday. “We have 3 Special Council seats up for vote. Don't miss our candid chat with @Waabam_eth and @CapetainTrippy. They'll dive into the past, present, and future of our community, shedding light on this crucial role.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during tomorrow’s Space and will bring you live updates from the space and a full report later that night. Stay tuned for updates!

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