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APEMAS TUNES: Punk Apestrong Dropped His Christmas EP This Evening! Check It Out:

Its Apemas time around the swamp and this Bored Ape Yacht Club member is getting everyone in the holiday spirit with his first Christmas EP!


On Tuesday, BAYC member Punk Apestrong debuted his holiday special featuring five songs that are perfect for the most boring time of the year!


“It was super fun to make and the whole reason I do  Punk Apestrong stuff is to take a break from the real world and so mission accomplished,” the voice behind Punk Apestrong, Alon Goren told the Gazette. “I hope other people smile too, even if it’s just to make fun of me!”


The album begins with Punk Apestrong’s parody of the Pentatonix which he wrote with his daughter while waiting for take-out, then goes into a song filled with Bored Ape references from Spottie WIFI to Sailor Gary’s Bored Vodka, and ends on a serious note with Goren’s ‘Holiday Prayer.’


Find out more about Goren’s holiday hits and find out the why behind his lyrics:


Fuck Pentatonics: “The first song was a joke I made for my kids in my car while waiting for takeout after telling them that I could EASILY do what the Pentatonix do. was not gonna put it on but my daughter, RanbowUnicorn.eth who is the producer of all my content said I should use it because it “sets the tone” for the album.”


Merry Apemas: “The second one was the original idea for “a bored ape Christmas song” where I mention random frens from the community.”


A Willie Nice Christmas: “3rd is a song I love written by Kacey Musgraves that I thought all the stoners in the community would love if they haven’t heard it. Part of punk Apestrong vibe is that he’s a sellout and the joke was gonna be that he chose that song (and made the whole album) because he thought it would make him money since I don’t smoke.”


Oi To The World: “4th is the best punk Christmas song there is. I love that song and I feel I didn’t do it justice because I recorded the singing in just 3 takes because I didn’t have time or the space to not scare or piss off my neighbors…1 for the main and 2 for the backups…I’ll re-record it one day for fun. Haha”


Holiday Prayer: “5th was supposed to be a serious song called YOU are the reason for the season and when I went to do it that’s what it became…”


“I think relistening this morning it’s a solid demo and motivates me to do a better one for next year lol,” Goren told the Gazette.


Apes who would like to listen to Punk Apestrong’s full album can check it out here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Goren and his Punk Apestrong character and will let you know what he produces next. Stay tuned for updates!

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