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This BAYC Member IS Now Bored For Life After Getting A BAYC Tattoo

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member became “bored to death for life” after he got a BAYC skull tattoo.

Bored Ape member holderofbags.eth, posted a photo of his new tattoo this weekend and it quickly made its way across the community. At the time of this article’s publication, the photo had over 320 likes and 46 retweets.

“Alright guys, I said I’d do it,” Holder tweeted, “I did it.”

Holder’s fellow apes seemed to universally love the tattoo. Some apes even tweeted that they are going to also get BAYC tattoos.

“OMG dude,” Ethcote tweeted. “I’m legit getting that tattoo soon too. I f***in love it.”

Holder's tattoo is located on his right bicep and is approximately 2” inches in size.

Holder decided to get the tattoo after he got more involved in the BAYC community.

“Once the community grew and I started making some friends being involved in projects with BAYC members, I decided I wanted to get the tattoo,” Holder said. “I honestly really like the way it looks and the other thing is to commemorate this crazy ass experience and to rep a crew of savage apes.”

When asked if he will get any more BAYC tattoos, Holder left the door open for it depending on how high the Bored Ape floor price gets.

“No plans as of yet,” Holder said. “If the floor hits a certain number, I may get an ape mafia tattoo (shoutout to my boy 6056 ‘the boss’).”

Holder currently owns four Bored Apes but has held as many as nine when the project first started.

Holder's current apes are Bored Ape numbers: 7069, 9906, 7150, and 8913.

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