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BAYC Members Meet Up In Real Life. Find Out More About The Event and Upcoming Meetups Here:

The First unofficial Bored Ape Yacht Club community meet up happened last night in California and the event was anything but boring.

Over 50 BAYC members and their friends came together at Bright Moments NFT Gallery and Townhouse Bar in Venice, California to hang out and get to know their fellow apes.

“It was a diverse group, and every ape I met was doing something interesting,” Event coordinator and host, Josh Ong said. “From derivative projects to documentary films and songwriting.”

During the event, BAYC members in attendance got to see their bored apes on screens throughout the gallery. This was a great conversation starter for apes who were finally meeting one another in real life, after months of online communication.

“I didn't have any expectations going into the event and I could not have been more pleasantly surprised,” BAYC member KrunchXBT said. “Usually it's awkward meeting new people but the one connection we all had (Apes) just made things click between everyone. I was mainly excited to meet Apes that I have been closely interacting with online and finally got to meet for the first time.”

Going forward, Ong told the Bored Ape Gazette that he’s planning to hold another meet up on August 14th in New York City in Central Park and another event during “NFT NYC”.”

“I continue to believe that creative and positive things will come about when we get together in real life, and this is just the beginning," Ong said.

After the upcoming meetups in New York, Ong told the gazette that he will be looking into setting up events in Miami, Chicago and Texas. But there is nothing currently planned.

After meeting up with apes in real life, KrunchXBT said he would definitely recommend meeting BAYC members in the real world.

“I would tell other Apes to highly consider going! But, of course, always take proper precautions when meeting new people (especially from the internet),”KrunchXBT, said. “The vibes were off the charts and I know everyone is excited to see each other again the next time we can hold one of these events.”

If you’re interested in attending a future ape Meetups event, you can sign up on Ong's google doc here:

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