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BAYC X Round21 Basketball Collab Is A Slam Dunk With Members

The Bored Ape Yacht Club teamed up with Round21 to send every Bored

Ape Kennel Club holder an NFT basketball with the option to pick up

the physical version for $100.

“Got a Club Dog,” The BAYC tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “Check your wallet. We’ve partnered with @weareround21 to send every wallet holding a BAKC doggo a special basketball NFT.”

The NFT is titled “BAYC x Round21 Basketball.” The NFT video is of a bouncing basketball that has been etched with the BAYC logo, a close up of an apes face, a group of bored apes and an image of an ape and his dog enjoying a sunset.

In total, there are 4,500 NFT, 4,300 owners, according to Opensea. The current floor price for the piece is .15 Eth.

Not only is the NFT a neat piece to look at, it also gives holders the opportunity to purchase a physical version of the ball.

"The NFT doubles as your access to pre-order a limited edition BAYC X Round21 physical basketball, The BAYC tweeted. “The sale is open through August 4th.”

Users who choose to purchase the physical ball will have to sign into the BAYC website via Metamask. Once inside, be sure to copy the one time password to ensure a smooth transaction. Once in, store users will have the option to purchase the ball with a credit card or other online system such as PayPal.

After the announcement, bored apes took to Twitter to comment on the collab and physical basketball.

"Years from now, my @BoredApeYC basketball will be prominently displayed in an encased glass box embedded into the floor of my in-home basketball court paid for by NFT gainz," BAYC member Hawk Dolliday tweeted. “I look forward to that day.”

After the announcement, the Bored Ape Gazette opened a quick Twitter poll asking whether or not people will be purchasing the ball. At the time of this articles publication, 72.9% of respondents said they would.

Some bored apes are calling the BAYC physical basketball a great move considering how many professional NBA players are members of the BAYC.

“It’s kinda clever because they know a few famous bball players own apes," BAYC member Gee Gazza tweeted. “Imagine lamelo or haliburton rocking the merch ball. It’s building a brand IRL.”

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