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BEHIND THE DEAL: Find out How NFTsAnonymous felt after selling His Trippy Ape For $137,000

Monday was anything but boring as crypto Twitter personality and Bored Ape, NFTsAnonymous, sold his Trippy Cyborg Ape for 55 ETH or $137,000 USD.

“I'm thinking I need to start acting like an adult and get a lawyer and an accountant tomorrow,” NFTsAnonymous told the Gazette after the record breaking sale.

The Bored Ape, that NFTsAnonymous sold, was Bored Ape #9361. It is better known as Trippy Ape. Trippy Ape is a five trait ape with trippy fur, a cyborg eye and an unshaven bubblegum mouth. These characteristics make Trippy Ape one of the rarest apes in the BAYC, based on Rarity tools.

For NFTsAnonymous, this 137,000 is life changing and put him well over his goal of making $100,000 profit on NFT’s in 2021.

“My intuition told me diving deep into the NFT space was going to pay off big sooner or later” NFTsAnonymous said. “So I told my family that I was confident I would make $100K before the end of the year. My brother, 16, chimed in if I get to $100K , will I buy him a new electric guitar? I said of course! So he already messaged me tonight and said "Congrats! So about that guitar!”

When asked what he plans to do with his new found wealth NFTsAnonymous said he is a very frugal person. He won’t be buying any cars, or flashy items. He said he does plan to buy his brother a guitar, do a lot of traveling and possibly move out of North Carolina.

“I want the freedom to travel to meet all the people I have grown so close to in the Metaverse, especially those of the BAYC community,” NFTsAnonymous said. “Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Vegas, Miami, and Seattle are all on the list of places to visit! I would also like to meet new friends that I've grown close to through the NFT community including visiting places such as Switzerland, UK, and Australia.”

NFTsAnonymous purchased Trippy Ape for one ETH after the initial BAYC mint as he tried to find the perfect ape for him.

“I had 3 Apes that I minted but I didn't especially connect with any of them,” NFTsAnonymous said. “So the next morning when they were sold out, I found one for .14 ETH and another for 1 ETH, and that was my Trippy Ape.”

After he bought Trippy Ape, NFTsAnonymous’ friend, “KRHFT Trading,” told him that Trippy Ape would one day sell for 50 ETH.

“We were messaging about some random stuff,” NFTsAnonymous said. “Then he said ‘btw I think your Trippy Ape is going to sell for more than 50 ETH’ and I basically told him only time will tell, I hope so.”

Coincidentally, after Trippy Ape sold, KRHFT Trading was actually the one to break the news to NFTsAnonymous.

“He was actually the first to message me,”NFTsAnonymous said. “’I KNEW IT!!! Congrats my dude’ and at first I didn't know what he was talking about. Then instinctively, I checked my email and saw the sale. I was in shock and I screamed, and then immediately hosted a Twitter Space because I wanted to celebrate with the community as much as possible!”

After selling Trippy Ape, NFTsAnonymous is now using a derivative Cheetah Bored Ape by @DEXXADNFT as his profile photo.

NFTsAnonymous currently has four Bored Apes and hopes that this record sale will have a positive impact on the BAYC community and the metaverse at large

“The last thing I want to say is let's continue to promote positivity and good vibes as much as we can in the NFT Community,” NFTsAnonymous said. “We have an opportunity to really set the framework for the future and the Metaverse. Let's do all we can to make it an inclusive environment that focuses on equality, and not our differences. The more we come together, the more powerful we are, and the more real positive change we can bring to the world as a whole.”

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