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BEHIND THE DEAL:Why Selling A Bored Ape To An NFL Player Meant So Much To This BAYC Member

It was just another day for Bored Ape Yacht Club member GButterCrypto until he learned that an NFL player wanted to buy one of his apes.

Denver Broncos kicker, Brandon McManus had been watching the BAYC for a while and found the ape he wanted. That ape was Bored ape #9867, who GButter named Ricky Suave.

“I had to do a double take at the tweet sent out by JJ Lane saying an NFL player wanted Ricky Suave (my ape) and my heart skipped like 10 straight beats,” GButter said. “I ran into my roommate and fellow ape owner’s room and did some digging, saw the McManus name, and knew exactly who it was as I am a big NFL fan.”

After finding out McManus wanted his ape, GButter delisted the ape. Later, McManus messaged GButter and the two began to make a deal.

“He was genuine, kind, willing to share about himself, and wanted to hook me up with lots of extras," GButter said. “It felt like talking to every other ape that I have had the opportunity to interact with. Just all love in BAYC which is why we all love it so much. He us going to be an awesome member of the community.”

In the end, GButter agreed to sell the Bored Ape #9867 for 18 Eth, according to Opensea. While getting a large Eth payday was nice, McManus also gave Gbutter something that he will cherish forever; a signed jersey honoring his Ape Ricky Suave and his late father.

“My dad was a big sports memorabilia collector which is what got me into NFTs in the first place. Getting a physical piece that was sports related to go along with the sale was a dream,” he said. “Brandon made it happen so fast despite being in training camp. The jersey is absolutely priceless to me and will be a memory I cherish for a lifetime.”

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