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BOOK PEOPLE: Jenkins The Valet's Book "Bored& Dangerous" Is Now Available:

Thousands of crypto enthusiasts are feeling Bored& Dangerous today after purchasing their copy of Jenkins the Valet’s highly anticipated tell all book.

Jenkins the Valet and the Tally Labs team released their book, “Bored& Dangerous: As Told to Neil Strauss by Jenkins the Valet” this morning and NFT collectors are excited to finally get their hands this piece of digital literature.

“It's Jenkins day,” BAYC member Mtnman.Eth tweeted. “The culmination of a lot of hard work by the @jenkinsthevalet team and @neilstrauss, in collaboration with a great community. Just claimed my four WL books. Can't wait to crack this baby open to see what we created.”

Bored& Dangerous is a community created story featuring the adventures of Jenkins the Valet and various members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

“Bored & Dangerous is the first novel set inside of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and it’s the first true novel that spun out of Web3,” Jenkins wrote in a Medium post last month. “3,000 members of the Writer’s Room banded together to craft the lore as well as generate creative ideas that led to the plot and tone. After that, 4,075 Apes/Mutants trusted us enough to license their IP to appear in the work. Every single one of those licensors will be receiving royalties in exchange: 50% of Net Profits flow back to licensors.”

This morning, Jenkins and the Tally Labs team sold 2,367 copies of Bored& Dangerous in a Dutch auction. This Dutch auction was the first phase of the project's three phase mint.

At the time of this article’s publication, Jenkins and the Tally Labs team are in the second phase of their book’s mint.

During this time, Writer’s Room NFT holders, licensed apes and mutants, and 500 giveaway spots can now mint a copy of Bored& Dangerous .This phase of the mint will be open for 48 hours, according to Jenkins.

The third and final phase of the Bored& Dangerous mint will be a free claim period for Writers Room NFT holders. Phase 3 will begin on July 13th and end on July 20th, according to Jenkins.

“Phase 3 is a 7-day period, and you can mint at your leisure based on gas prices,” Jenkins said. “There is no incentive to mint early. Writers - the time is upon us. We are so excited for this moment. This means so much for our whole community. We cannot thank you enough.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Jenkins the Valet and let you know more about Bored& Dangerous as more information becomes available.

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