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Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Neymar Won Last Night's Hustler Casino Live With His Diamond Studded Bored Ape Card Protector By His Side!

Updated: Jun 23

Luck was a Bored Ape last night on the Hustler Casino Live show, as Bored Ape Yacht Club member, soccer star, and degenerate gambler Neymar won six straight river card side bets, dodging a diamond suit flush with his diamond-studded Bored Ape card protector by his side!

On Saturday, Neymar joined Jimmy Butler, Ryan Garcia, Chris Eubank Jr, Dan Bilzerian, and Ninja on Hustler Casino Live, stealing the show with a streak of luck that was anything but boring.

“THE MOST EPIC HAND IN POKER HISTORY,” Hustler Casino Live tweeted. “@neymarjr makes an incredible hero call vs @Mister_Keating for $199,000!! But wait, @Mister_Keating says let's keep running the river for: - $50K more - another $50K - another $50k - $75K more - $60K more - and finally another $75K.”



As the poker world focused on this lucky hand, Neymar’s fellow BAYC members zoomed in on the soccer star’s Bored Ape card protector, modeled after Neymar’s own ape, Bored Ape #6633.

“GM. @neymarjr is locked in with his @BoredApeYC on @HCLPokerShow,” BAYC Community Council member Xeer tweeted. “I wonder if he has thought about getting an MBA license for that diamond ape card paper weight yet.. pretty sure it would sell out in an instant.”

Following last night’s poker game, Yuga Labs’ Community lead BarronVonHustle tweeted at Neymar about  possibly starting a Made By Apes business around his diamond card protectors.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Neymar and his Bored Ape, and will let you know if he ever makes these card protectors available for purchase. Stay tuned for updates!

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