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Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Nobody.Eth Struck Another Mega Koda Deal

This notable Bored Ape Yacht Club has been ape-ing hard into Kodas since the Otherdeed mint on April 30th.

Nobody.Eth purchased Otherdeed #2802 Monday evening from BAYC member NFTAnonymous for 155 Eth or $359,000 USD.

Otherdeed 2802 is a three-star jungle environment with nether and lunarian resources.

Otherdeed 2802 is also home to Koda 9961. Koda 9961 is a mega Koda with prolific growth, Thorny armor, and a epiphyte head. Koda 9961 is also armed with a green machete.

“Welcome home Mr Mega Koda #9961, Nobody tweeted after the purchase. “Thanks @NFTsAnonymous!”

During the current downturn in the market, Nobody has been accumulating Mega Kodas and Otherdeeds.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported N0b0dy.Eth made two major purchases over the weekend. First, Nobody purchased Otherdeed 59906 for 625 Eth or $1,637,087 USD.

Otherdeed #59906 is a four-star ruins environment in the infinite expanse with a three-star lunarian resource and a mystery potion, according to Opensea data.

“Finally got my Mystery Potion,” N0b0dy tweeted following the purchase.

While we do not know what the mystery potion does, we do know that it is rare.There is only one mystery potion on the Otherside, and it is one of only nine 1/1 artifacts in the metaverse.

Nobody also purchased Otherdeed 66813 from BAYC member NFT-Pres for a whopping 303 Eth or $760,000 USD.

Otherdeed 66813 is a three-star sulfuric environment with spikeweed and nether resources.

Otherdeed 66813 is also the of Mega Koda 9912. Mega Koda 9912 is a Bellystone koda with a hot head and flame licked armor.

Following tonight’s purchase, Nobody now owns 56 Otherdeeds.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Nobody and let you know what he does next!

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Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee
May 11, 2022

Are Y'all into NFT artwork created by a human w/A camera or just things created with code? I'm about to launch a collection or Portals and orbs All single exposure light painting works no Photoshop involvement what-so-ever. Because honestly the code-made art is lacking a true rarity to it's form. It's all a bit passé at this point in the game. 😎

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