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Bored Apes Go Bananas for Banana Badge Self Verification

A new trend is picking up steam on Twitter as Bored Apes have begun self-verifying their accounts with a banana emoji.

Bored Ape #3449, known as Clarence, created the trend after many other apes kept asking him when Twitter will be blue check mark verifying his account.

“I just had people asking ‘when’s your check mark coming’ and like I’m not like that,” Clarence explained. “I don’t give a f*** about the Twitter check mark, so I who already had a banana in my name, and was like “bro that could be OUR checkmark.”

As the old saying goes, monkey see monkey do. Clarence’s idea took off fast and many apes have already put the banana emoji into their twitter names.

Bored Ape user @millitantApes Tweeted that he was unsure if ape profiles without the banana were even legitimately in the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

“I’m just going to assume any ape with the official banana badge is a bot or imposter at this point,” @millitantApes tweeted.

Even some Twitter verified apes got in on the movement and included the banana emoji’s in their names.

Blue checkmark Twitter user Josh Ong, known as @beijingdou on twitter, posted “ Verified Bored Ape. @BoredApe3449 does it work if I have a blue check too?”

Fellow bluecheck mark account and Bored Ape Adam Levy, Known as @Roothlus on Twitter replied to Ong writing, "I’m officially verified now."

The Bored Ape Gazette is currently holding a Twitter poll on Bored Apes thoughts on the Banana badge. So far, 67% of respondents answered yes to whether or not they’re taking part in the trend.

“I love that people have rallied behind it,” Clarence said. “This journey from the initial drop till now has been wild to say the least but these last like 24-48 hours have felt so surreal. The community is just so uplifting, I’m convinced we can truly do whatever we put our minds to, if we’re all devoted to putting a banana in our names of all things.”

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