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BORED BEATS: Bored Ape Yacht Club Member SixStrings Released A New Music Video

Bored Ape Yacht Club member SixStrings released his first music video yesterday and it was a bored& moody banger!

“Get clubbing ready fam, here’s my 1st music drop,” SixStrings tweeted yesterday. “Check out sixStrings.eth on @Spotify for the whole song. Massive thanks for the kickass animation to @AtriumNft & @RetroSketched and shoutout to my fam @BoredApeYC @OthersideMeta @FrenchApeYC for the all the love and support.”

Sixstring’s song followed the story of Bored Ape #9318 as he experienced loneliness in a packed club.

As Bored Ape #9318 made his way around the crowded venue, the primate sat alone in a corner and enjoyed an unusual drink.

Suddenly the primate began to trip out as he journeyed to the Otherside.

Once in the metaverse, the primate was blown away by the land’s unusual beauty.

However, Bored Ape #9318’s time on the Otherside was short. The primate woke up in his bed and was left wondering if any of that actually happened.

Following the music video’s release, BAYC Co-Founder, Garga, took to Twitter and praised SixStrings' song and Atrium’s animation.

"Big fan of @AtriumNft and what BAYC members like @siixstrings are building with the platform,” Garga tweeted.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow SixStrings and will let you know what the primate does next! Make sure to check out his full song here:

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