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BORED&BUILDING: Here Are The 10 Developer Initiatives ThankApe Funded During Its PropHouse Contests

The future of $Ape is bright after the ApeCoin community awarded 51,000 $Ape across 60 initiatives during ThankApe’s five recent PropHouse builders contests!

Things were anything but boring last month as $Ape creators from across the Yugaverse pitched 228 ideas to ThankApe’s “Building The Future Of ApeCoin Builders Grant Contests!”

"Why we're doing this,” ThankApe tweeted in August.“1. We believe in the power of #ApeCoinBuilders to imagine into and build the future of web3. 2. We want to recognize our builders for excellent work across categories! 3. We need passionate builders to help create a thriving ApeCoin DAO ecosystem!”

During the five contests, $Ape 'Designers, Developers, Influencers, Futurist, and Governance Geeks' were all invited to submit their ideas and projects into various competitions and vie for $Ape grants ranging from 269 $Ape to 2007 $Ape!

One of ThankApe's builders contests was designed explicitly for Devs in the $Ape ecosystem.

“Help build a thriving developer ecosystem for ApeCoin,” ThankApe wrote in the contests description. “Share your plans to build a technical (code-based) project that creates value for ApeCoin DAO. Perhaps it’s a new website, virtual community space, mobile app, ApeCoin game, ApeCoin payment solutions, new DeFi protocol, or other. If your project wins, we’ll reward you for building it.”

Take a look at the 10 winning ideas from the ‘ApeCoin Developers: Builder contest and get the TLDR on each initiative below:

1: ApeCoin DAO Scam Domains Tracking Bot By BoringSecurity.Eth

“TLDR: A bot that will track scam domains related to ApeCoin. This will help protect ApeCoin holders from scams.”

2: Treasure Hunt 3D Game Sample Code By Jackie.Eth

“An open-source Unreal Engine sample project that drips ERC20 tokens in the game + demo.”

3.Empowering ApeCoin DAO & Creators: Bored Media Group web app development By Squirt11e.Eth

“Continue technical development of BMG web app by providing simplistic voting experiences and highlighting creators.”

4: ApeCoin Onboarding Website By 0x9051b

“Building an onboarding guide for DAO newcomers!

5: ApeCoin integration for Flappy Koda (Web-based game) By Novasvault.Eth

“We're adding the ability to use ApeCoin as a payment method inside of our web-based game called Flappy Koda.”

6: Open-Source SDK for ApeCoin/DAO Analytics By M1kr.Eth

“Make ApeCoin analytics more useful and accessible with an open source SDK.”

7: Adding $APE payments to the Satoshi's Closet product suite By Cliveapestein.Eth

“Add functionality to accept $APE to mint NFTs through our minting platform, DSPNSR by Satoshi's Closet.”

8: Ape University by Russell.Eth

“Web3 educational institution that will teach subjects related to Web3 technologies.”

9: ApeCoin LEGO: Building Our Community by Bryantreeves.eth

“Who doesn’t love LEGO? Let's expand our community & create more collections for everyone to enjoy, one brick at a time.”

10: Base Name Service | ApeCoin Integration By Basenamedao.Eth

“Web3 usernames (.base) for the next billion+ users on Base. Register .base names with $APE.”

Each of these 10 winners will receive 2007 $Ape upon the completion of their initiatives, according to ThankApe. Each of these developers must deliver their completed ideas to the DAO by October 31st to receive their reward.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow these 10 winners and will let you know when and where you can check out their $Ape builds! Stay tuned for updates!

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