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'BRING YOUR APES TO LIFE': The Bored Ape Yacht Club Released BAYC Members 3D Files! Here's What You Need To Know

After a night of celebrating the third anniversary of the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s mint, Yuga Labs’ founders rolled up to the timeline looking like they were about to drop a hit single, but instead, they gifted all 10,000 Primates the files they need to bring their Apes to life!

On Wednesday, the BAYC dropped an album cover photo of the founders' 3D Apes and announced that every BAYC members 3D files were finally ready, and that they could start animating their Apes!

“Bring your Apes to life,” the BAYC tweeted this afternoon. “BAYC 3D avatars are now available for download from your profile on”


BAYC members can find their files on the Bored ApeYacht Club’s website by signing into the members only section (Please remember to always  use Warm or Delegate) and go to their ‘Profile.’


Once there, click members can click on their Bored Ape and download the primate's 3D file. From there, Apes can choose between a .FBX, .GLB, and a .Blend.


From there, Apes can bring their Apes to life with the help of some animation software.


One popular application that many Apes are using is Blender.  

To use Blender, Apes will need to download the application's software and then upload their primate's file. Apes can find out more about Blender via Twitter @Blender or on the application’s website



To help Apes navigate Blender, BAYC member and avid animator, Bailey shared a 4 minute tutorial video. Check it out below:



The Bored Ape Gazette is working to find out more about how Apes can use these new files to bring their Apes to life. Stay tuned for updates!

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