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BUG BOUNTY: Llama Gave The ApeCoin DAO An Update On The Bug Bounty Program. The Full Story Here:

Llama, one of the companies that the ApeCoin DAO is working with to run its staking bug bounty program, recently gave the community an update on the initiative’s progress.

As the ApeCoin DAO’s staking bug bounty program is set to transition into its next phase later this week, Llama took to the DAO’s Discourse channel and informed the community that it has received 19 submissions from whitehat hackers.

“17 of those submissions are closed and have been determined to not be eligible, 1 submission is still under review, 1 submission uncovered a medium severity bug in the contract and the hacker is being paid $2,500 in APE. This bug was medium severity because it did not put any user funds at risk. It solely could have been used to delay a user’s withdrawal process (without any benefit to the exploiter),” Llama wrote.

The ApeCoin DAO, Llama, and the DAO’s other partner, Immunefi, are set to transition the bug bounty program from its current phase one,Goerli testnet deployment, to its second phase, mainnet deployment, on November 24th.

This second phase of the bug bounty program will run for the entirety of the ApeCoin DAO’s three year staking system.

Anyone who finds a bug in the code between now and the end of the DAO's staking system can submit it to Immunefi and receive up t0 $1,008,888 USD.

To find out more about the bug bounty program or submit a bug check out Immunefi’s website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the bug bounty program and will keep you posted on all things staking.

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