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CHECK IT OUT: The LA Apes Are Hosting Their Bored In LA ApeFest Satellite Event Next Week!

The City of Angels will be transformed into the City of Boredom next weekend as the Bored Ape Yacht Club sub-community, LA Apes, and Bored Muchies host an ApeFest satellite event with the assistance of the BAYC Community Council and ThankApe!

As Yuga Labs hosts its third annual ApeFest in Hong Kong next weekend, a group of Los Angles based BAYC members are getting together and hosting an ApeFest 2023 satellite event, ‘Bored In LA!'

"We are pleased to announce Apefest 23’—BORED in LA Not able to make it to Hong Kong Join us at @Prjct_xyz on Saturday Nov 4th from 8PM-2AM in Studio City."

During the event, BAYC/MAYC members will have the opportunity to enjoy an open bar courtesy of Spirit Punks, play games, snack on sushi rolls, and binge on burgers from Bored n Hungry. All while watching BAYC member Seannana host a live Spaces segment!

In total, LA Apes and Bored and Muchies are inviting 50 for BAYC/MAYC, 10 Clone X holders,10 Azuki holders and 10 Degods holders to their satellite ApeFest event!

Apes, Azukis, Clone X, and DeGod holders who would like to attend Bored In LA next Saturday can claim their tickets here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all of these ApeFest satellite events. Stay tuned for updates!

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