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CHRISTMAS CAROL: Jenkins The Valet Reimagined A Holiday Classic With A Web3 Twist!

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

Jenkins the Valet reimagined the classic Christmas Carol, "12 Days of Christmas," with a Web3 spin, featuring iconic items from around the swamp that he may have been gifted or stole!

This holiday season has been anything but boring for Jenkins the Valet, who has been receiving gifts from his frens around the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Web3 space since December 14th.


“On the twelfth day before Christmas, @JenkinsMutated sent to me, the hat of @CapetainTrippy,” Jenkins tweeted on December 14th . “Join me in my 12 Days Till Christmas. Yes, till Christmas, not of. 12 days, 12 surprises. Let's do this.”



After he received CapetainTrippy’s hat, Jenkins got all sorts of gifts from various Apes including a jacket from Red Vaulkan, a bottle of maple Syrup from AlwaysHugo, a pilot Hel from JVB, a digital treasure chrst from BAYC7052, a golden hair comb from CreamCurtis, and a Valentine’s watch from KC66eth!

"It was an honor to be included in Jenkins’s Christmas Thread, especially when I saw a legendary item like Captain Trippy’s hat being included right off the bat," Red Vulkan told the Gazette. "It was certainly a fun post to look forward to each morning!"

Along with all these fabulous gifts from his fellow Apes, Jenkins also got  a video camera from Lola Creates, a hound leash from Luka Grant, a piece of rainbow bubblegum from NFT Dee, and a dirty sock from RealXmasBeer!


I’m so honored to be a part of Jenkins 12 days of Christmas,” XmasBeer told the Gazette. “I just hope he washes that sock right away. It came from a goblin who claims he just wore it on his ear, but you never know.”

 Following 12 days of fabulous gifts being given to him, Jenkins took to social media and shared a photo of the wanted poster he received today on Christmas morning, alleging that he stole precious items from all these Web3 legends.




“What a joke... ,” Jenkins said about the poster. “Let me be very clear, I didn't steal anything. The Mutant sent all these items to me. I'll return everything before the New Year. Mark my words.”


While Jenkins says that he did not steal the items, Red Vulkan told the paper that this morning's post left him wondering who he can trust.

"Now I’m curious, did Jenkins really steal these items or did the mutant set him up," he pondered. "Who to trust? By the way, it’s cold in December, I need my jacket back.”

Regardless of whether these gifts were given or taken, Jenkins 12 days of Christmas was an absolute delight this holiday season!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Jenkins this Christmas and will let you know when he returns all the items to their rightful owners. Stay tuned for updates!

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