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Coinbase Gave Away A Bored Ape As The Company Prepares To Launch Its NFT Platform

Coinbase changed one NFT collectors life today, awarding him a bored ape worth at least 32 Eth or $150,000.

On October 12th , Coinbase announced that the company would be launching its own NFT platform. Since the announcement, Coinbase has already had over 2 million users sign up for their NFT platform’s waitlist.

“Coinbase NFT is an intuitive, social-forward platform built for creators, collectors, and newcomers,” the company wrote in a press release emailed to Coinbase users on October 12th. “Make, buy, showcase, or discover new art in a few taps — the platform’s design will feel instantly familiar. Want to connect with friends? Link up with fellow fans and NFT communities, right from your profile.”

In order to encourage new and existing NFT collectors to Coinbase’s platform, the company gave away Bored Ape #4609. Bored Ape #4609 is a five trait tan fur ape with service clothing and heart glasses. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #4609 is the 7309th rarest ape, according to Rarity Tools.

Coinbase announced the winner of Bored Ape #4609 via Twitter earlier this evening.

“Drumroll, please,” Coinbase tweeted. “Our Coinbase Wallet NFT Sweepstakes winner is Brandon M from Springboro, OH! Congratulations fren!”

After the announcement, Bored Ape Yacht Club members were quick to congratulate Brandon M and welcome him to the club.

While apes and NFT enthusiast were excited for the new BAYC member, many in the comments mocked him and the idea of NFTs.

“I won too thank you,” Twitter user crabTron v. 420.69 tweeted along with a right click saved image of Bored Ape #4609.

Being told right click save by non-nft holders is not new to many in the NFT community. People have used this argument against NFTs all year. Comments like this have led many in the NFT community to think that we are still early.

Coinbase’s NFT platform is set to launch late 2021, according to their website. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Coinbase and it’s platforms impact on the BAYC.

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