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COMING UP: The ApeCoin DAO Is Hosting An ApeChain Debate Tomorrow Morning!

The ApeCoin DAO is hosting a debate tomorrow morning to help contributors decide which of the four possible ApeChain builders is best for $Ape!

As $Ape holders take to the polls to cast their coins in one of the most important votes in DAO history, ApeCoin DAO Facilitator Lost, along with the DAO’s two Marketing and Communications Working Group Stewards, Popil and Linstro, and IrvinXYZ, are hosting a debate between the Arbitrum and Horizen Labs team, the Optimism and A-Team group, Polygon, and zkSync in an effort to inform Apes about all the ApeChain options!

To help the community get a better idea of the four ApeChain proposals before tomorrow’s debate, the ApeCoin DAO’s Governance Working Group shared a chart that delves into the specifications of each possible ApeChain and provides both technical and non-technical $Apes with a better understanding of what each team has to offer. Check it out below:

Tomorrow’s debate is scheduled to begin at 11 A.M. EST.

"Hear from @MachiBigBrother of A-Team, @0xmarcb, CEO of @0xPolygon, @sgoldfed, CEO off @OffchainLabs, & @CashBowie, Senior VP of @the_matter_labs as they discuss ApeChain proposals built on @Arbitrum, @Optimism, @0xPolygon & @zksync," the DAO tweeted.

ApeCoin DAO Contributors can set a reminder for the event here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during tomorrow morning’s debate and will bring you live updates during the event and a recap report later that night. Stay tuned for updates!

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Feb 08

thanks for info!

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