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COMING UP: The Yugaverse Will Find Out More About The Mutant Hounds Inscription Whitelist Next Week

The Web3 world is in for a !howl of a week as Novel Labs gets ready to reveal more information about its Mutant Hounds inscription whitelist before it releases its ordinal Hounds onto the Bitcoin blockchain!

A month after Novel Labs Founder Lior.Eth simply teased “Ordinals x @MutantHounds.That’s the tweet,” the notable founder simply announced that the dogs are ready and that the project's allowlist information will be released soon.

“We’re live,” Lior tweeted form his new Mutant Hounds inscription project’s Twitter last night. “Whitelist details next week.”


Following this post, Lior took to Twitter and said that Mutant Hounds Inscriptions will be amongst the best projects and communities on Bitcoin after he releases the hounds!


“Bitcoin needed a few more grails, so we're doing something about it,” Lior tweeted. “Art, community, & innovation on the biggest chain on earth - I think there's a place for that. Oh, and Ethereum's finest are coming to Ordinals. @MH_Inscriptions.”


Take a look at some of the insane Inscription Hounds art below:

While we do not know much about the Inscription Hounds mint or how the whitelist will work at this time, we do know that Mutant Hound holders will be automatically whitelisted, according to Lior.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Mutant Hounds Inscprtion project and will let you know how you can get on the whitelist. Stay tuned for updates!

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