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DAO-N FOR 'CHAOS AND MAYHEM: Lor3Lord Will Be Creating Content For The ApeCoin DAO GWG!

The ApeCoin DAO’s Governance Working Group will be adding a dose of  ‘chaos and mayhem’ to its ranks after announcing that All Of Us Radio Host, Lor3Lord, will be making content for the committee!

Things are about to get interesting for ‘all of us’  in the $Ape ecosystem after the ApeCoin DAO’s Governance Working Group announced that Lor3Lord was bringing his skills to the ApeCoin DAO!

“We put out a call for #ApeCoinDAO community member skillsets and a @LOR3LORD came in... What comes next you ask, well a little #ChaosAndMayhem of course! Head to the @apecoin community server and find the -cgip-rewards channel to learn more:”

With Lor3Lord now on the team, ApeCoin DAO Contributors can expect 'short, easy to digest, relatable content’ that’s made in Lor3Lord’s signature Degen fashion!

“The thing is the DAO is already glamorous,” Lor3Lord told the Gazette when asked how he plans to make Governance glamorous. “Simply put, we're the best! Everyone knows it. Some might not agree with it. But we're already sexy! We always have been. My game plan is to show how sexy we are, using a universal language we all already understand, gifs, images, and pfps of people we already know. The goal is to provide messaging that is simple, funny, and entertaining. I'm just lucky enough to be the person who gets to do that.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Lor3Lord’s work at the DAO and will let you know when he releases his next piece of content for the GWG! Stay tuned for updates!

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