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Despite The Odds, This Noise Fur Bored Ape Minted A Noise Fur BAKC Dog

After yesterday’s Bored Ape Kennel Club reveal, Bored Ape Yacht Club members quickly began buying, selling and trading their pups to get ones that match their ape—but one club member doesn’t have to find his match, he minted it.

Bored Ape Yacht Club member, @BapePhil, is the owner of Bored Ape #5344. Bored Ape #5344 is a noise fur ape and despite the odds, his BAKC dog shares same noise fur trait.

The odds of both his ape and dog sharing the same fur trait is statistically low. In total, there are only 155 apes and 181 dogs with the noise fur trait in the BAYC and BAKC respectively.

“My reaction was like it’s the best day of my life,” Phil said. “ I was so grateful to have traded 2 apes for my #5344. I had lost 1 eth on a trade and sold lots of art at a loss to get that 5344.”

Phil told the gazette, the road to this moment cost him a lot. In order for him to get his noise fur ape, he sold a lot of his retirement portfolio and several Nifty Gateway art pieces as well. While it cost him a lot, Phil said it was worth it for the noise fur.

“ Noise was just an easy choice," Phil said. “When you look at it, take time to look at all the details and color. I was like I need to move money now.”

While Phil said he has no plans to sell his noise fur duo, he would consider it if the sale could bring more awareness to the BAYC.

“I know it’s a rare combo, Phil said. “ It look like super luck. I don’t want to sell. So happy to hold them for life. Maybe if Sotheby’s or Christie’s want to auction them sometime, I would sell to bring more awareness to BAYC and BAKC since they have been the best community for me so far!”

Be sure to follow Phil on Twitter @bapephil and check out his statistically unlikely pair below:

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