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Doo-Key Dash: The Bored Ape Yacht Club Shared Some Doo-Key Tips On How To Get A Higher Score

After 19,170 unique Sewer Pass holders Doo-Key dashed over 3,763,000 times in the game’s first week, the Bored Ape Yacht Club shared some tips and tricks on how to get a higher score.

On Wednesday the BAYC took to Twitter and shared a 90 second tutorial video on the Doo-Key Dash.

“Need some tips to climb the ladder in #DookeyDash,” the BAYC tweeted. “Here are 4 Facts on the Dash to help you navigate the sewers.”

Take a look at the club’s four tips below:

1: Dash earlier and use your full range

“Your dash lasts for a small amount of time before you slow down and can no longer break through obstacles. Try dashing earlier than you normally would the next time you’re in front of a wall and give yourself a better chance to react if there’s something right behind it.”

2: Reset your Dash

“If you use your dash to break through some wooden boards or knock a large object out of the way the cooldown is instantly reset. You can dash again immediately.”

3: Dash for Points

“Not only will dashing through a large object reset your cooldown, you’ll also earn points for doing so. While it’s not much, every point counts when you’re going for a high score, especially in the early game when the sewers aren’t as clogged.”

4: Reduce your cooldown with a Powershart Pack

“Your dash has a three second cooldown if it doesn’t get reset, which can spell disaster later in the run. You can cut that cooldown in half by buying a Powershart Pack with ApeCoin. It’s one of three unique boosts you get when you purchase it.”

As the BAYC gave the community four Doo-Key Dash tips, the Bored Ape Gazette took to Twitter last night and asked the community for their best Doo-Key Dos and Don’ts! Take a look at some of the responses the Gazette got below:

“1.Smash wooden walls as early as you can, BAYC member Falldomin told the Gazette. “If you wait until they're close it may be too late to get through the fan behind. 2.Try to peak through the cracks of the wooden walls to prepare for whatever's behind. 3.Only dash when you have to during/after the electric guitar solo.”

“play with a mouse has worked well for me,” BAYC member PP Man tweeted.

“Think about anything else while you play,” SpaceGrouper said.

“Don’t Crash,” Aeritaas tweeted.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Doo-Key Dash and will keep you posted on the highest scores! Stay tuned for updates!

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