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"DOUBLE IT": Mongraal Says That $1.1 Million USD Isn't Enough For The Golden Key

Professional gamer and DooKey Dash champion, Mongraal, took to Twitter this morning and told the United Planetary DAO that $1.1 Million USD isn’t enough for the Golden Key.

After the UPDAO made a 690 Eth, or $1.1Million USD, offer on the Golden Key earlier this week; Mongraal took some time to think about their bid before he asked the DAO to double it.

“Double it and I’ll accept,” Mongraal tweeted along with a smiley face.

If we take Mongraal’s tweet seriously and double the UPDAO’s current bid, that means that Mongraal would accept a 1380 Eth or $2.2 million USD offer; which is about a third less than his current listed price for the asset.

“Well at least we know there is some wiggle room for the 2222 eth set price,” BAYC member NooFooToo tweeted. “This should perk some ears for potential buyers.”

Following Mongraal’s post, Pixel Vault’s Director of communications, Economist, tweeted that the UPDAO won’t budge from its current offer. “The @UPDAO_won’t be going higher, but good luck on the sale!”

After Mongraal’s post, hundreds of users weighed in on each side and gave the pro gamer their two cents.

“With all due respect, take the offer and run,” CryptoBoomer tweeted. “It’s a very fair price offer and as a disclaimer I don’t have anything at all to do with this DAO. I don’t think you will EVER get a better offer.”

While some encouraged Mongraal to reconsider the UPDAO’s offer, others applauded the gamers degeneracy.

“This dude is in the right place,” BAYC member MutantLaxer tweeted. “Degen move. Well done. Don’t back down. Someone will spend. 1/1 from Yuga is in its own price category.”

The UPDAO’s 690 Eth offer is still active at the time of this article’s publication, but it expires tomorrow at 3:44 P.M. EST, according to Opensea. Mongraal has until then to decide whether he accepts the DAO's offer.

Currently the UPDAO’s 690 Eth bid is the only serious offer that Mongraal has for the key.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to monitor this situation and will let you know what Mongraal does. Stay tuned for updates!

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