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'DUST OFF YOUR LAB COATS': Applied Primate Is BAYC With A New Puzzle Series And $Mega Token!

After the six Mega Mutant Apes disappeared last year and a brief hiatus from the lab, the scientists at Applied Primate are back with a new puzzle series and a '$Mega' token drop!

Things have been quiet, too quiet, in the expanded Yugaverse since the six Mega Mutant Apes disappeared and the Applied Primate Sentinels came on the scene.

But that all changed on Friday after the project posted a ‘puzzling’ update, hinting at a new era for the insane apes.


"Attention Scientists,” Applied Primate tweeted. “ Dust off your lab coats - Doc has some “puzzling” tasks for you starting Wednesday 5/29! This begins a new era of exciting weekly updates from Doc & team, culminating in monthly special assignments for Keycard-carrying Scientists. This coming week’s assignment is also the 1st opportunity for Keycard holders to earn an allocation of $MEGA. More details of what this is & what you will be able to do with it will be provided at a later date. For MegaForce Operators (& Scientists at the time of last month’s snapshot), the alpha playtest of Sentinel Training will follow shortly after. Participants will also be eligible for $MEGA, so get ready for go time.”



“After a long quiet period  @AppliedPrimate is about to kick back into gear and no one is ready for how awesome it’s going to be tbh,” the project’s Founder PTM tweeted this afternoon. “if you’re into puzzles, trading card games, rpg communities with deep lore, now’s the time to jump in and get reacquainted with the lab.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Applied Primate is an expanded Yugaverse project that has been telling the tale of several Mega Mutant Apes for years, with the hopes of being the Marvel Studios to Yuga Labs’ Disney.


Previously, Applied Primate has teamed up with Yuga Labs to co-sponsor last year’s Fuck It Saturday event in Miami and the project also debuted their golden Mega Mutant Ape on the first night of Ape Fest 2022!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Applied Primate storyline and the project’s upcoming puzzle series and $Mega drop. Stay tuned for updates!

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