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ELECTION 2022: Find Out More About Special Council Candidate Gerry’s Goal For The DAO

The ApeCoin DAO Special Council Election season ends today, and the community is about to determine who will be on the board in 2023.

After weeks of campaigning the $Ape community is set to select three new Special Council members to join Yat Siu and Alexis Ohanian on the ApeCoin DAO’s board in January 2023.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported the ApeCoin DAO selected Veratheape, Degentraland, Gerry, Herb, and BoredApeG to be its Special Council nominees during the first round of voting last week.

To find out more about the five candidates, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to each of them this weekend and asked them three questions about the DAO and their goals going forward.

Take a look at the Gazette’s interview with Gerry below.


1: Why should the $Ape community vote for you?

“Why vote for me? Because I put in the work and I'm not looking for a second job. I have a proven track record of being there for our community when needed.”

2: What are your thoughts on AIP 183 being rejected? As a Special Council Member What do you plan to do going forward?

“I have been working closely with ApeComms, BadTeeth, Wabaam, the SC, Cartan, and others these past couple weeks to draft an AIP addressing two particular needs. First, we need to issue an RFP to select a new administrator going forward that has less operational scope. Second, we need to form workgroups within the organization to handle those operational duties as well as others such as communications. This AIP forms an interim 'Work Group 0' tasked specifically with developing the structure for the work groups going forward. Additionally, I will make it my responsibility to communicate more clearly with the community what is happening in the DAO with infographics, videos, and and open, bilateral channel of communication.”

3: If elected, what’s your top priority and what do you hope to accomplish?

“My top priority is to make sure we have a smooth transition between Cartan and our future foundation administrator."

The polls for the ApeCoin DAO Special Council election close at 9 P.M. EST tonight. You can cast your ballot here:

Stay tuned for continued coverage of the five ApeCoin Special Council candidates and stay tuned for election coverage throughout the day.

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