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ELECTION 2022: The 2nd Phase Of The ApeCoin DAO's Election Season Started. Here's What Happens Next

The second phase of the ApeCoin DAO’s election season kicked off today and the community got its first look at the candidates.

The ApeCoin DAO took to Twitter on Monday and announced that 42 $Ape holders were officially running for the three open Special Council seats.

“GM $APE fam, thank you to the entire ApeCoin DAO community for their applications in becoming a Council member in the DAO’s first ever election, the ApeCoin DAO tweeted. “We have just completed Phase 1 of the nomination process, which is the KYC and verification process for all applications. The Foundation engaged two separate independent third-party service providers to perform this verification, which included but not limited to screening against sanctions, politically exposed persons, and background checks. The result is that there are 42 nominees. Their nomination profiles are now available in Discourse under Special Council Nominees.”

Now that all of the prospective candidates’ campaigns have officially kicked off, the ApeCoin DAO will be holding a 14 day “Community Discussion” to start phase two. During this time $Ape holders will be able to learn more about the candidates and ask them questions on their candidate Discourse pages. You can find all 42 candidates pages here:

Following this two-week community discussion, the ApeCoin DAO will be holding a community vote via snapshot to select the top five candidates.

The top five vote getting candidates will move on to the next round and will become nominees for the three Special Council seats. This first vote will take place between December 15th through December 21st, according to the Election AIPs that the DAO approved earlier this month.

Take a look at the ApeCoin DAO’s Special Council elections timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to cover all 42 candidates and let you know more about them! Stay tuned for updates!

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