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ELECTION 2023: Round 1 Of The ApeCoin DAO's Metaverse Working Group Steward Election Begins Tonight!

$Ape holders will be making history this week as the community heads to the polls to vote in the first round of the DAO’s first-ever Metaverse Working Group Steward election, where they will select the five nominees who will move on to the next round of voting in December!

Seven months after the ApeCoin DAO approved of the creation of a metaverse working Group that’s goal is to ‘Drive culture forward into the metaverse by actively supporting metaverse-related efforts within the ApeCoin DAO, the community will head to the voting booth, cast their coins, and elect two its first two metaverse representatives over the next two weeks!

During this first round of voting, which will begin tonight at 9 P.M. EST and end next Wednesday, December 6th, the community will select five candidates from the list of 12 nominees to move on to the next round of voting.

After that, the community will vote again from December 7th to December 13th, and the two candidates with the most votes will be elected as the DAO's first-ever Metaverse Working Group Stewards!

Take a closer look at the 12 nominees and check out their concluding candidate statements below:


"In summary, I’m a great choice for the Metaverse Working Group Steward position because my unwavering commitment, diverse experiences, and passion have uniquely prepared me to contribute effectively. With a clear understanding of the blockchain and metaverse’s dynamics and the ability to pay attention to details in content creations, I am committed to driving the vision of the ApeCoin DAO forward in the metaverse. My blend of skills and unwavering passion makes me a strong and dedicated candidate."


"I am eager and willing to contribute my time, energy, and expertise to the Metaverse Working Group. I am confident that, together with other dedicated professionals, we can make significant strides in shaping the future of The Otherside and Apecoin. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with the awesome members of the working group and contribute meaningfully to the collective effort."


"As an experience professional with extensive international business experience and a deep passion for the evolving crypto, NFTs and metaverse landscape, I am extremely enthusiastic about contributing to the $APE DAO’s mission to expand $APE’s usage in the metaverse. My skills in cross-cultural communication, strategic planning, and team leadership are well-aligned with the goals of mission. I am eager to leverage my expertise and enthusiasm to help drive $APE’s success and influence in the metaverse."


"I’m an easy going and passionate person. I’m transparent and have a deep sense of responsibility and community. I breathe Web3 and I’m full time focused on the space. I won’t take this role lightly and will be devoted to the mission."


"I have a profound love for Ape culture and am willing to dedicate all my efforts to it. I aspire to witness a new chapter for Apecoin DAO and the resurgence of $Ape to its zenith. Recognizing the pivotal role of Metaverse development for Apecoin, I am compelled to join and actively contribute to its evolution. I am confident that I am the optimal choice for the role of Metaverse Working Group Steward. My diverse experience in community building, DAO management, investment incubation, and expertise in financial marketing positions me to holistically propel Apecoin DAO in its Metaverse endeavors. Furthermore, driven by my passion and unwavering belief in the metaverse, I am ready to invest my enthusiasm and love to actively participate and witness the growth of Apecoin DAO in the metaverse. I firmly believe that Apecoin will emerge as a leading token in the metaverse in the coming years. If granted the opportunity to serve as the Metaverse Working Group Steward, I commit to dedicating as much time as possible to craft the Apecoin DAO Metaverse Roadmap. Additionally, I will continue to excel in promoting Ape culture and attentively listen to the ideas and suggestions of Apecoin community builders and members, collectively steering Apecoin DAO into a new phase. For any inquiries or interests regarding my nomination profile, please feel free to reach out to me through Twitter (@David_metaworld) or Telegram (@David_metaworld). Thanks to every dedicated Ape fam member who has thoroughly read my profile. I hope to earn your support!"


"In summary, my unique blend of professional experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and active participation in metaverse communities make me the ideal candidate for the role of Metaverse Working Group Steward. I am eager to leverage my skills to create a thriving metaverse environment, drive cultural advancements, and contribute to the success of ApeCoin DAO in the evolving digital landscape. I am ready to take on the responsibilities of this stewardship with dedication and creativity, making a lasting impact on the ApeCoin metaverse community."

Max Song

"I am at my core, a team player and a consensus driver. I like to lead by bringing people along with me, and I am a tireless and passionate advocate for web3 adoption and real world use case creation. I believe that we have the once in a lifetime opportunity to build a revolutionary ecosystem around Yuga Labs and Otherside. I believe that my extensive real world experiences can be an invaluable asset to the Apecoin DAO. I believe that I can bring many business leaders, game studios, and government officials to the Yuga metaverse ecosystem. The future is bright. LFG."


"I believe you should support my candidacy for this role as my experience in running a metaverse development agency where where my skills in hands on scene development, costing and project management, and key performance reporting can be put to use to benefit the ApeCoin DAO."


I approach this from multiple perspectives:

1.As a creator who has designed and curated within the metaverse, I have an intuitive understanding of what constitutes the best user experience in this space.

2. Being the founder of BoredTea and MBA, I possess an in-depth comprehension of the product’s requirements and its integration within the ApeCoin ecosystem. My deep involvement in the MBA community enables me to pinpoint areas requiring further development and connectivity.

3. As a female user, I recognize that within the ApeCoin and BAYC communities, a substantial portion of female users may need extended communication and onboarding to fully grasp the value and utility of ApeCoin. Addressing these needs from a female perspective often garners increased support from female users.

4. My experience in organizing ApeCoin events in both the metaverse and real life (IRL) has yielded multiple successful proposals within Thank Ape. As an artist, I can bridge the gap between product, art, and the economic impact of ApeCoin through my creative work. This provides a tangible way to give back to the BAYC community through hands-on engagement. Additionally, I believe that by consistently offering engaging activities, we can attract more users.

5. I have strong connections and affiliations with several prominent blue-chip communities, coupled with practical experience as a Web3 builder. This will infuse ApeCoin with a unique culture and foster unity.

6. My proficiency lies in creating tutorials, content, and curation, all of which are vital skills for shaping the future architecture of ApeCoin.

7. I am deeply interested in developing the international ApeCoin ecosystem. I genuinely love this community. Building by love."


"In summary, my passion for gaming and web3, combined with a comprehensive skill set in strategic growth, business development, community engagement, content creation, and partnership building, makes me the prime candidate for this role. I am committed to leveraging these skills to further ApeCoin DAO’s vision and objectives in the dynamic world of the metaverse, ensuring its continued growth and success in this exciting new frontier."


"My skills, Experience, Languages & being a amazing liaison between communities will help this group."


"With a rich background in web3 games, art curation, real-world activations, and current leadership in NFT Philly, I am the ideal candidate for the Metaverse Working Group. My diverse skill set and hands-on involvement in the NFT space uniquely position me to contribute to Apecoin DAO’s vision. Together, let’s shape the future of the metaverse, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive space for our community. I am eager to bring my passion, experience, and dedication to drive innovation and success within the Metaverse Working Group."

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to interview all 12 of the Metaverse Working Group Steward nominees. Stay tuned for updates!

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