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ELECTION 2023: The 1st Round Of Voting For The MarComms Working Group Stewards Race Starts Tonight

The ApeCoin DAO will have the chance to make its voice heard tonight as the window to vote in the first round of the DAO’s Marketing and Communications Working Group Stewards race opens, and the community selects five nominees to move on to the next round of voting.

Seven months after the ApeCoin DAO approved the creation of a Marketing and Communications Working Group, whose mandate is to 'propose a consistent and compelling brand strategy and identity for the ApeCoin DAO, propose and implement comprehensive marketing and communications strategies, and help establish a strong presence through effective global communication efforts in order to onboard more users into the DAO,' the community will have the chance to elect its two representatives over the next two weeks.

During this first round of voting, which will begin tonight at 9 P.M. EST and end next Wednesday, December 6th, the community will select five candidates from the list of six nominees to move on to the next round of voting. After that, the community will vote again from December 7th to December 13th, and the two candidates with the most votes will be elected as the DAO's first-ever Marketing and Communications Working Group Stewards!

Take a closer look at the six nominees and check out their concluding candidate statements below:


"ApeCoin DAO represents a diverse audience and collection of talent. I believe my 2 decades of immersing myself in international business & brands, makes me the best choice to leverage my cultural sensibilities to not only work with a diverse team and dynamic goals, but also in evolving the grassroots groundswell that already exists."


"I’m the best choice for the Marketing & Communications Working Group Steward because I have the ability to take information and turn it into content that is easy to understand and fun to consume. I have logged several hours in spaces as a host, produced several pieces of funny and informative content to onboard new users and encourage Ape Coin DAO participation. I have also hosted several live events that brought users together from several different communities. I have a proven track record of distributing information across several mediums. In my professional life, I have experience marketing our non profit organization to outside donors, writing grants at the federal level, state, and local levels. I have also grown and managed an annual budget of $1,000,000."


"I am the ideal candidate for the Marketing & Communincations Working Group Steward position, bringing over two decades of experience working with Multinational Brands and projects. I’m an active member of this community and I’m trying to demonstrate day by day that I’m here to create a better and more inclusive space for everyone. Also, as a web3 Professor, I am not only actively shaping the future of blockchain professionals but also staying at the forefront of web3 advancements. My unique blend of practical industry expertise, academic insight, and a proven track record in marketing and branding make me the best choice. I am committed to driving initiatives that will propel ApeCoin DAO to new heights in the metaverse, shaping a vibrant and engaging future for our community."


"I approach this from several angles:

1. As a creator myself who has designed and curated within the metaverse, I can easily grasp what constitutes the best experience for users in the metaverse.

2.I am the founder of BoredTea and MBA, so I have an in-depth understanding of the product’s requirements and its integration within the ApeCoin ecosystem. My deep involvement in the MBA community also helps me identify areas that need further development and connections.

3.I am a female user, and within the ApeCoin and BAYC communities, there is still a significant portion of female users who require extended communication and onboarding to realize the value and utility of ApeCoin. Approaching and communicating from a female perspective often motivates more support from female users.

4.I have experience organizing ApeCoin events in both the metaverse and real life (IRL), and I have won multiple proposals within Thank Ape. As an artist, I can connect product, art, and the economic impact of ApeCoin through my creative work. This provides a real-world experience of giving back to the BAYC community through practical engagement. I also believe that by continually offering exciting activities, more users can come onboard.

5. I have deep connections and unity with several key blue-chip communities and possess practical experience as a Web3 builder. This will bring a unique culture and unity to ApeCoin.

6.I excel in creating tutorials, content, and curation, all of which are crucial skills for shaping the future of ApeCoin’s architecture."


"NFTs, unlike some other parts of the crypto ecosystem, are unique for their power to bring people together, foster communities, and build a brand. While ApeCoin operates as a crypto token, its holders extend beyond traders and charters to include builders, creators, developers, and more from the NFT space actively involved in the DAO’s pursuits. The capability to establish a global brand is definitely within reach, but the DAO needs the right Stewards to set ApeCoin up for success.

My riskiest play in the Web3 space was never really a trade or a flip- it was leaving my safe corporate path to pursue Web3. I’ve been full-time in Web 3 the past 2 years because it’s empowered me to be my most authentic self. Part of that meant applying my creative, yet still very analytical, approach across any venture I get into. My hands-on experience in Web3, coupled with a track record in community building, reflects that I’m not just talk. I’m ready to make things happen for ApeCoin DAO."


"Our Apecoin token & DAO is getting bigger every day and we have to merge more aligned big and small ecosystems to bring us more value & reward of all kind. The importance of properly promote it in the way that other more DEFI or Creative Builders understand - this aligns with me. Im not a screamer or like they say payed shiller - I am the professional with in most cases necessary certifications and experience not just in product sales or support - but what is already being developed and how i can connect us to it all. I want to be your multi-language promoter and not just international languages i speak, but also technical & my big experience doing so. Ive been speaking about our DAO at ETHDENVER this year and the line of people that approached my from this particular day speech to connect with me was big and i was surrounded by same minded folks, and every day of that event and at its retreat for the second part of the conference, private events - Im all about being proud og this DAO. There so much can be done and folks feel connected via out token & future possibilities. "

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to interview all six of the Marketing and Communications Working Group Steward nominees. Stay tuned for updates!

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