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Elite Apes Founder Jason Au Wants To Spotlight Your Bored Business In His Physical NFT Magazine!

Bored Ape Yacht Club member and Elite Apes Founder Jason Au wants to spotlight BAYC inspired businesses and brands in the physical pages of his non-fungible Magazine!

With Ape Fest just around the corner, Au, who has been building in Hong Kong since the early days of the BAYC, recently announced that his Magazine, NFT Labs, is making an Ape Fest Special Edition and that he wants to feature bored businesses from across the Yugaverse in it!

“From West to East, and East to West, let our IP, products, and builders shine their best,” Au told the Gazette. “We humbly present the ‘NFT lab,’ a physical magazine, To raise awareness and expose it to web2 and web3 scenes. We strive to connect communities and foster unity.”

Apes who are interested in having their business featured in the pages of Au’s NFT Labs Magazine must fill out this Google Doc before October 6th to be considered:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Au and his NFT Labs magazine and will keep you posted on when its published and where you can get it. Stay tuned for updates!

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Roma Padun
Roma Padun
Nov 30, 2023

Elite Apes Founder, Jason Au, is set to revolutionize the NFT space with a unique twist spotlighting overlooked businesses in his physical NFT magazine. In collaboration with Docutrend, a leading company in modern office and workplace technologies, and a strategic partner in business technology solutions, this venture promises to merge cutting-edge IT solutions, office printers and copiers, voice communication, document management, and workflow control into tailored, flexible, and scalable solutions. By featuring businesses in the NFT magazine, the partnership aims to bring attention to enterprises often overlooked, giving them a platform to shine in the digital realm. It's a pioneering collaboration merging the worlds of NFTs and advanced business technologies.

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