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Faraway Gaming Studios's Legends Of The Mara Season 3.5 Began Today! Here's Whats Next For The LOTM Universe:

Get ready to farm sediment, fight Shattered, and maybe even get a Catalyst because the Legends of The Mara continue with Faraway Gaming Studio’s season 3.5 launch earlier today.

After Yuga Labs sold the LOTM IP and game to Faraway in April and finished its third and final season in May, LOTM is back with its season 3.5.

During this half season, Voyagers who have not played much can level up while Faraway develops two new games for their new characters: a web-based game dubbed 'LOTM Rebirth' and a mobile game titled 'LOTM Rise.'

“LOTM: REBIRTH (PT 1) This is the current Shattered game with more robust RPG features,” Faraway tweeted on May 3rd. “We will launch a Season 3.5 continuation season followed by a Season 4 where the Shattered boss fights back (and some more surprises. In LOTM: Rebirth, you will win Points and Myst, and will be able to farm Sediment (at a lower farming rate and lower supply cap). Depending on the Kodamara supply at the end of Season 3, Catalysts may be added to rewards. LOTM: RISE (PT 1) This is the mobile strategy game. We are early in dev but will share progress when we are ready for public feedback. Ships will be featured in LOTM: Rise, but given our focus on interoperability, that is not the only place they will have utility.”

Building a more robust LOTM game isn’t the only thing that Faraway is doing with its recently acquired IP.


Over the weekend, Faraway Gaming Studio’s Chief Product Officer Spencer Tucker revealed that he and the team are working on a 192-page LOTM guidebook that will cover everything from LOTM lore and the making of a character to how to play the game.

“Ok soooo here is the plan, would love to see/hear reactions to this: LoTM Table Top game and Lore book,” Tucker wrote in the Faraway Gaming Studio’s Discord server today. “The idea is we will work with an established Tabletop/lore book maker (has done several other kickstarters/board games etc). The goal is for the first part to be the lore and rulebook with character sheets. This will have a ton of sick art and be super comprehensive/world building. See attached for high level summary.”

“Still early but trying to keep everybody involved in what we're doing since it all is trying to add to proper building of the LOTM universe,” Faraway Gaming Studios Co-Founder Alex Paley wrote following Tucker’s post. “Fyi, this is not distracting from the gamedev at all. But this is something a game needs because without lore and wordbuilding a game is just a bunch of random mechanics.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Legends of the Mara and will let you know more about its upcoming fourth season and lore as more information becomes available. Stay tuned for updates!

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