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Faraway's Final Dookey Dash Unclogged Sneak Peek Was All About The Community And Content Creators!

After a week of sewer sneak peeks showcasing new game modes and opportunities inside and outside the gutter, Farway Gaming Studios revealed its final Dookey Dash sneak peek, highlighting all the amazing creators from around the swamp and the broader Web3 ecosystem!

On Sunday, Yuga Labs’ gaming partner, Farway, shared its final Dookey Dash sneak peek with the community, revealing that it was us the whole time!

“It’s day 7 of 7 Days of Dookey, the end of our roadshow where we share all the cool new things that require a little more time for us to integrate into DDU,” Farway tweeted in a three-part thread. “Today, we’re highlighting you, the creators! We wanted to make sure that DDU will feature all the types of user-generated content in our ecosystem. Soon, you’ll be able to use your own diver on your own bike and show up on the leaderboard as your own sticker on your own banner with your own emoji. And beyond DDU, these interoperable assets can be used in other games like @SerumCity and @MiniNations, with more planned integrations on the way.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Dookey Dash Unclogged will feature a ‘Creator Mode’ that will let everyone 'create your own crap' and use it or sell it in Dookey Dash!



“UGC is a core feature of Dookey Dash Unclogged,” Faraway tweeted on January 17th. “*Everyone* can make their own 3d models and sell them in the Faraway Shop, and everyone can equip them in DDU to slay the sewers in style.”

At the time of this article’s publication, Yuga Labs and Faraway are expected to launch Dookey Dash Unclogged around the end of summer.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Dookey Dash Unclogged and will keep you posted on all things user generated content. Stay tuned for updates!

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