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Find Out More About The conglomeration of Autonomous, Lemma, and Provenance Running For DAO Admin

The ApeCoin DAO is selecting its next DAO Administrator this week after the community rejected the Cartan Groups contract extension last year and Working Group Zero conducted a request for proposal process earlier this month.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, two different teams submitted proposals during Working Group Zero’s RFP process and expressed interest in becoming the next ApeCoin DAO administrator.

The two teams that submitted proposals were the conglomeration of Autonomous, Lemma, and Provenance and WebSlinger.

To find out more about the conglomeration of Autonomous, Lemma, and Provenance, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to the team and asked them what they hope to accomplish at the DAO, what decentralization means to them, among other things.

Check out the Gazette’s full interview with the conglomeration of Autonomous, Lemma, and Provenance below:

1. In a sentence or two tell me a bit about your firm and your elevator pitch to the DAO!

"Lemma, Autonomous, and Provenance are independent service providers that collaborate to offer project management, governance, finance, compliance, risk and audit services to DAOs. With our extensive experience working with various DAOs, we recognize the significance of independent organizations that can provide tailored services to promote decentralization and improve governance and oversight."

2. In a sentence or two why should the DAO select you instead of the other team?

"Our team is uniquely qualified to handle the challenges presented in the RFP. With a wealth of experience assisting DAOs on a daily basis, we have specialized expertise in the distinct sections of the RFP that each firm has offered to undertake. Lemma is highly skilled in governance, Autonomous excels in finance, and Provenance is well-versed in compliance matters. Although the opposing team has an impressive array of professionals with diverse backgrounds, they appear to primarily function in advisory roles. We, on the other hand, have the on-the-ground skillsets necessary to comprehensively address the full scope of work outlined in the RFP."

3. What would you hope to accomplish as the ApeCoin Dao’s administrator?

"We are passionate about working with ApeCoin DAO and we hope to make the DAO run smoothly so the community and working groups can focus on the more important parts of governing, building and creating without worrying about the burdensome administrative tasks and compliance with the ever changing regulatory landscape."

4. Where do you see the DAO in a year from now?

"Our vision for the DAO, one year from now, is to achieve greater decentralization, not only among service providers but also at the working group level. Our aim is to empower working groups to take on tasks that were previously centralized. As the DAO administrator, we will play a facilitating role by regularly following up with working groups, organizing meetings, and providing support. Ultimately, the community will determine the direction of the DAO and PAL will act as coaches to the community to better equip the community members to self-manage."

5. What does success as the DAO admin look like to you?

"Everything running smoothly in a fully compliant and timely way. Our job is to facilitate the operations - including governance, finances, and compliance. If the DAO is running without anyone worrying about these things so they can focus on the community and projects, we’ve succeeded in our goal."

6. How do you plan to help the DAO decentralize?

Firstly, by providing a bid with three service providers we are already helping the DAO to decentralize. If there are issues with any one party, the community can replace them without disruption to other functions. With one centralized service provider this cannot be achieved. Secondly, we will help the DAO to implement new innovations we see across the industry. This can be how community guidelines are set up, how voting works, or new tooling that will help to avoid some common issues in DAO’s."

7. How do you plan to make the AIP process better? How will you ensure that more proposals go up for a vote?

"Communication is the primary challenge we have found in the AIP process. Often, submitters of proposals misinterpret the requirements or proposals become stuck in various stages of the process. To address this issue, we develop a clear workflow, visually map it out, and designate specific individuals to handle each stage. We also conduct regular check-ins to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint breakdowns in communication. As the proposal process is constantly evolving, we regularly re-evaluate and re-assess its effectiveness."

8. Do you have anything else to add?

"We feel strongly about decentralization and our individual firms could likely have put in one bid for the entire RFP. We, however, collectively decided against this given the experience the Ape community had and wanted to provide a decentralized solution with different service providers. We would love to work with the community which we’ve tried to make clear by matching fees with the other bidder so our services can be compared with each other directly excluding costs. We’ve really enjoyed the process and it’s been great interacting with the Ape community."

The window to vote for the next DAO Administrator is currently open and $Ape holders have until Wednesday, February 22nd, at 9 P.M. EST to cast their coins. To find out more about the conglomeration of Autonomous, Lemma, and Provenance you can check out their proposal here:

The Bored Ape Gazette also reached out to Webslinger for an interview and is currently waiting on their reply.

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