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Find Out Who Your Otherside Neighbors Are With This BAYC Members' Community Resource Site

Do you want to find out who your Otherisde neighbors are? If you answered yes, then you’re in luck! This new website is on a mission to connect the Otherside neighborhood!

The Otherside mint was in April, Voyagers had their First Trip to the Otherside in July, and now Otherdeed holders are finding out who lives next door to them via the website

Hood3 is a “map of the Otherside with a social focus,” according to its creator and Bored Ape Yacht Club Member, Nix.Eth. “It allows holders to discover more about their deeds, such as neighbors. This is an early beta; it only works on desktop and definitely has bugs. It does not require a web3 wallet connection.”

To find out who your neighbors are, simply type in your Otherdeed number or look up your wallet address. Then select your Otherdeed and click on the plots next to yours!

Not only does Hood3 let users find out who their neighbors are, but it also lets users see where some notable BAYC members’ land are located on the Otherside map.

You can check out Hood3 and see all the sites resources here:

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