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FIT CHECK FRIDAY: Bored Closet Added The New ApeFest Merch Bundle Look To Its Website!

Its fit check Friday around the swamp after Bored Closet came out with a new look that was inspired by the Bored Ape Yacht Club’s ApeFest 2024 merch bundle!


On Friday, Yuga Labs gave BAYC members the chance to pre-order an ApeFest 2024 merch bundle complete with an ApeFest shirt, some boring tube socks, and a BAYC themed disposable camera.



Shortly after these bored bundles went on sale, Made By Apes brand, Bored Closet, came out with a digital version of these items, giving BAYC members the chance to match with their primates!


“Say Bananas,” Bored Closet tweeted. “Grab your ApeFest merch already for your BAYC or MAYC. 1. Visit our website, you find the link in our bio 2. Type in your token id, no wallet connection required 3. Share it on X.”



Apes who would like to get their PFPs dressed for ApeFest can do so here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the club’s ApeFest 2024 merch and will let you know when Bored Closet adds more boring looks to its website. Stay tuned for updates!

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