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Forever Apes Is Releasing Its Free To Claim Playing Cards For $Ape Holders. All The Details Here:

Forever Apes is set to drop the “first wave” of its free to claim Yuga Labs playing cards for $Ape holders tomorrow afternoon.

After the ApeCoin DAO approved of the creation of a deck of Yuga Labs playing cards in 2022, the Forever Apes team is ready to deal out its bored cards!

“AIP-112 is here,” Forever Apes tweeted this evening. “Recap below covering all the Q's we've gotten about our @apecoin card claim Wave 1: Friday 12pm PST Must have 50+ $APE in wallet in order to claim for free via tokenproof. Just pay shipping. Waves 2/3/4 weekly afterwards catering to different time zones.”

As $Ape holders prepare for tomorrow’s card drop, check out some of the Yuga Labs centric artwork that’s featured in the deck:

Check out Forever Apes’ recent Twitter thread for a full breakdown of which notable community members will be on which face cards here:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Forever Apes’ card drop tomorrow and will keep you posted on the group’s future card releases. Stay tuned for updates!

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