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Former MTV Star, Andy Milonakis Joined The MAYC

He’s got mutant apes on his head but don’t call him a mutant head, former MTV star, Andy Milonakis has joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

“Staying up til 8am, woke up 3 hours later for a flight all so I could snag a Mutant Ape this morning,” Milonakis tweeted August 29th. “My adrenalin is still racing, I feel like I smoked meth. So worth it. @BoredApeYC.”

With his tweet, the actor, posted a photo of Mutant Ape #9964. Mutant Ape #9964 is a six trait M1 brown fur ape with M1 traits of a baby’s bonnet, sunglasses and a sleeveless shirt. Milonakis purchased Mutant Ape #9964 from Opensea user, Uponlyy, three days ago for 4.99 Eth or $16,400 USD.

After the purchase, BAYC members werw quick to welcome Milonakis to the club. “Wow congratulations,” BAYC member Dr. Novocrypto tweeted. “One of the most insane mutant apes I’ve seen all day! Just wow followed of course.”

Milonakis is a 45 year-old actor whose best known for his sketch comedy series on MTV, The Andy Milonakis show.

Be sure to follow Milonakis on Twitter @andymilonakis

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