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Here's What We Know About The Bored Ape Yacht Club X BAPE Shoe Drop Tomorrow

The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s highly anticipated primate partnership with A Bathing Ape debuts tomorrow morning and many BAYC members are wondering how they can get their hands on a pair of BAPE X BAYC Shoes!

The BAYC and BAPE are selling 1,000 pairs of individually numbered shoes as part of their BAPE X BAYC APAREL drop tomorrow.

“BAPE® X BAYC also includes a remix to the classic BAPE STA™ with a clear, ice rubber outsole and ice rubber outsole showing Curtis,” the BAYC worte on its website tonight. “The 1,000 pairs of shoes produced for this limited collection are individually numbered with a second set of BAPE® X BAYC camo laces in the box.”

The shoes cost $339 USD and come in sizes ranging from 4-12, according to the club.

While the BAYC did not share any new information on how difficult it will be for Apes in person and online to pick up a pair of these sneakers today, Yuga Labs’ Social Lead, Ngbshpend, has previously explained that 250 of the shoes will be available in Hong Kong at Police Married Quarters (PMQ) while another 250 will be available online in the Club’s token gated store. The other 500 pairs will be available for purchase at BAPE stores later this year.

“The BAYC x Bape shoe will drop in person and online,” he tweeted on October 23rd. “Limited to 1K supply split between online in person at ApeFest HK and in store later in the year.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the BAYC’s collaboration with BAPE and keep you posted on all things ApeFest! Stay tuned for updates!

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